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Friends got together to do what friends do – hang out, party, drink, and eat. What was different on this one particular day? Three friends decided to do what no other restaurant in YYC has done, combine their love of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese food together but keep each dish distinct.

JJAN they declared [meaning “cheers” in Korean] and thus a new restaurant was founded on the happiness they shared.

With over 35+ years combined experience in the kitchen, chefs Kevin and Benson collaborated to share their love of Asian cuisine with Calgary. One brings in his unique background of Chinese food, and the other his knowledge of Japanese dishes.

Their common trait? Both learned how to cook from their Korean in-laws, thus creating the Korean fare we also see on the menu. Ken excels in customer service with over 20 years of experience bringing together a harmonious trio. When you see any of them, don’t be shy and say hi!



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The inspiration behind indie goes back 16 years, where founder Rob, wanted to combine his business background with his passion for food, to develop a fresh, current and relevant delivery of a different Indian cuisine experience.

What was clear, is that the food industry WOULD move to quick service and fast casual street models. What better exploration of this vision than to look at the street food culture of India!

Timing in business,as in life, allows things to happen organically. That being said, indie would not exist if it weren’t for the endless support and continued hard work from my loving partner Teresa. Indie is a team and she has supported this vision all along.

I brought Indie to life in May of 2020, in the heart of the Kensington district of Calgary, with its first location. Less than 2 years later, a second Indie location dropped in West Springs.

The menu design and presentation are deliberate. Indie offers the top meat and veg curries that everyone knows and loves. Award-winning Butter Chicken, Deep Beef Vindaloo, and Tandoori Chicken on the meat side. Balanced Chana Masala, fan-favorite Aloo Gobi, and two paneer dishes on the veg side, just to name a few. We offer a solid “Chaat” category because we took Indie to the streets! We also offer a really innovative part of our menu taking some non-traditional dishes and pushing the Indian forward profile hard!

Check out our google reviews and let our awesome customers share their experience.

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